Waste management consultancy

Waste is the hidden enemy of profits and growth.  But it isn’t always tackled effectively – and that’s where our waste management consultancy services can help.

When it comes to waste management improvements, the focus is almost always squarely on trying to boost recycling whilst simultaneously negotiating cheaper unit rate costs.
And while this can definitely add value, the benefits are often short-lived.
Unlike other providers of waste management consultancy services, we know that to make a real and lasting difference, both to your environmental footprint and your bottom line, you need to look beyond these easy wins.

Waste not, want not

The biggest environmental and cost benefits come from not producing any waste in the first place.  And, if that’s not possible, then at least reducing it significantly.
We help clients get to grips with how to combat waste generation, even getting involved in process improvements that increase yields and eliminate or shrink wastage.
Our team has experience of a wide range of waste types and settings, including commercial, industrial, clinical, hazardous, agricultural and mining wastes.

A holistic approach

We find that a holistic approach to waste delivers the greatest value.
So, we work with our clients to establish a baseline of existing costs and practices, then set about developing strategies that combine an internal focus on waste minimisation and resource efficiency with an outward-looking focus on supply chain improvements.
We also help to ensure that our clients benefit from the optimum waste handling infrastructure and connect them with the right waste management and recycling contractors – read Case Study – waste management consultancy – fracking flowback for Cuadrilla on our work finding an operationally sustainable and environmentally sound solution to the problem of fracking wastewater disposal in shale gas operations.

Clients use our waste management consulting services to:

  • cut waste, recycle more and save money
  • improve compliance
  • get more out of less

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