Do more with a Virtual Chief Sustainability Officer

We’ve created our “Virtual Chief Sustainability Officer” or vCSO offering to make boosting your sustainability and CSR performance more affordable.

Businesses everywhere increasingly recognise the value of improved sustainability and CSR performance but not all of them can afford a dedicated in-house management resource to oversee the implementation of necessary changes.

Now, instead of employing an expensive, full-time head of sustainability, businesses of any size can instead benefit from the same level of expertise but with less risk, commitment and cost by employing a Virtual Chief Sustainability Officer from Remsol.

A Virtual Chief Sustainability Officer is a Remsol expert embedded in your management team, dedicated to working alongside you and your existing colleagues to effect change and boost your sustainability, CSR and environmental performance.

From as little as one day a month to one day a week, and with easy-in/easy-out terms, a Virtual Chief Sustainability Officer from Remsol offers maximum flexibility and control of your overhead budgets, but will still enable you to get things done.

Key features

Flexible: no long-term contractual commitment, just one month’s written notice to cancel, suspend or restart your vCSO service, and you can scale up or down at any time.

Affordable: the whole point of using a vCSO from Remsol is to enable you to access expertise that may otherwise be unaffordable and out of reach. The starting price for our minimum commitment (1 day a month) is just £3,600 a year – substantially less than the £55,000 annual average salary for full-time Chief Sustainability Officer.

Fixed daily cost: no ifs, no buts, no extras. Pay a fixed amount per day for the number of days a month you need and no more – helping you to budget effectively.

Expert: your dedicated vCSO will be a sustainability and CSR expert with a proven track record of success. But as well as integrating with your team, they’re also part of ours, giving you access to our broader experience where needed.

Sign up for 1 day a month of vCSO support for a minimum of 3 months and get the first month free. This offer is only available in combination with our maturity model assessment.

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