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Use the Recycle Now icons to boost waste segregation

By 9th November 2017 Blog, Sustainability No Comments
Recycle Now icons

The ‘Recycle Now’ icons are so familiar to people, you should use them in the workplace if you want to boost waste segregation.

The Recycle Now icons appear on everything from plastic bottles, to cans and cardboard boxes. We see them on this packaging at home and a lot of household waste ‘bring’ recycling centres have adopted them too with good reason – icon recognition helps people to make the right choice when it comes to depositing their waste.

Oddly, a lot of councils, shopping centres and airports etc haven’t, and mostly use their own icons and colour-coding schemes. This can be confusing, and leads to people plunging the wrong wastes into the wrong receptacles rather than take the time to figure out where they should be putting it.

If your staff and colleagues are regularly exposed to the Recycle Now icons in the home, and you want them to segregate waste in the workplace, then it makes sense to be consistent with your signage and labelling.

This really can make a big difference to the success of your waste segregation and recycling efforts. It’s subtle, but it works because of the way our brains use visual cues like this all the time to speed-up decision-making and process instructions. Imagine if road safety signs in Greater Manchester differed from those encountered in, say, Gloucestershire – someone driving from one to the other could easily get confused and make bad decisions, like failing to give way at a junction or turning the wrong way into a one-way street. Instead, we use consistent signage so no matter where you are in the country, what you see will be familiar to you.

Do the same with waste in your workplace and you could be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Visit the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) website to download free resources to help you get started.

Want some help designing and implementing waste segregation and recycling schemes? Just ask – [email protected]

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