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Sustainable Brands launches sustainability case studies report

By 17th October 2016 News, Sustainability No Comments

Sustainable Brands has recently launched a compilation of 22 research studies proving the ROI of sustainability.

The report uses studies that it says “collectively demonstrate the positive ROI of sustainability from a variety of angles, including company revenue, stock performance, product-level profitability, brand reputation, employee and consumer engagement benefits, accounting for externalities, reduced risk exposure and more” and comes as the Financial Times reports that sustainability has started to gain traction with investors.

You can access the report here.

Case studies included in the Sustainable Brands report include a paper by the respected Harvard Business School which found that what it describes as ‘High Sustainability’ companies significantly outperformed their counterparts over the long-term, both in terms of stock market as well as accounting performance.

It also lists the Workforce Purpose Index as an example of the employee engagement benefits that companies can access when pursuing a purpose beyond profits. Amongst other findings, it shows that purpose-oriented workers were 65% more likely to experience a high level of fulfillment in their work and 50% more likely to be at top positions within their organisations.

Is it time for you to get serious about sustainability and CSR? Start here.

The 2015 Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report found that 66% of consumers were willing to pay more for environmentally sustainable brands, for example, up from 55% in 2014 and 50% in 2013.

Reports like this, and the Sustainable Brands paper, serve to highlight the positive business benefits of adopting socially, environmentally and economically sustainable practices.

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