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Sustainability is driving revenues say European business leaders. It can do the same for you

By 9th April 2017 Blog, Sustainability No Comments

Sustainability is driving revenues according to original research by Ethical Corporation, which surveyed the views of 2,500 business leaders across Europe.

Over half (56%) of executives surveyed said sustainability was boosting sales.

That may sound surprising to the uninitiated, but it’s no surprise to us here at Remsol.

In the last two decades, environmental issues have increasingly featured in the news, helping to raise public awareness to new levels. Kids are exposed to it in school from an early age and are growing-up with a greater understanding of environmental issues than ever before.

Add those two factors together and you find that more and more people are questioning their habits and consumer behaviour and seeking to make changes. They still want access to the same sorts of products and gadgets, of course, but they’re more discerning nowadays – they actively seek out suppliers that can demonstrate they’re doing their bit to lessen their environmental impacts.

If yours is a B2C business, it’s probably most likely to see these changes in buyer behaviour but it extends right across the value chain and so affects B2B firms as well – because those consumer-facing companies inevitably have to turn to their supply chains in order to deliver change, and so there’s a cascade effect.

All of which means that if you embrace sustainability in a demonstrable way, you’ll find it easier to win new business and grow your revenues.

This is born out by another finding in that Ethical Corporation research: 21% of respondents indicated sustainability as a source of competitive advantage as the single most exciting opportunity for their organisation in 2017.

“Only 21%?” you ask. That’s a good thing – it means there’s still lots of opportunity to take advantage of the growth benefits that sustainability can provide before your competitors catch on too.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to use sustainability to get ahead of the field.

To get serious about sustainability and CSR, start here.

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