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Are sustainability and CSR part of your New Year’s resolution in 2017?


“Oh no, not another one of those ‘start of the year’ blogs” you sigh. But don’t worry, this one’s different and will help boost your business growth in 2017.

We’re not going to spend the next 600 words pontificating about stuff, we’re just going to get straight to the point: improving sustainability and CSR in 2017 will help you reap these 5 rewards:

1. Higher sales and bigger profits

2.A more engaged and productive workforce

3. Enhanced reputation

4.Less risk

5.More growth

How so?


Customers, whether B2C or B2B, are increasingly demanding higher sustainability and CSR standards from their suppliers. They even preferentially select suppliers on this basis. It follows that if you take the right steps to properly embed sustainability and CSR in your business, it will help you achieve HIGHER SALES.

If you adopt sustainable practices, such as buying locally; being thrifty with raw materials, energy and water; cutting down on the amount of waste you produce whilst recycling as much as you can of what’s left, not only will you be helping the planet you’ll be reducing your costs. Those savings trickle right down to the bottom line, helping you earn BIGGER PROFITS.

People increasingly want to work for companies with ethics that match their own, and that have a ‘purpose beyond profit’. When they find their fit, they put more in than co-workers that aren’t as value-driven. So, by boosting your sustainability and CSR performance, it’s possible to recruit and retain A MORE ENGAGED AND PRODUCTIVE WORKFORCE.

Companies that clearly demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability, both through their actions and by also engaging in appropriate story-telling and reporting, are more trusted than their peers that don’t. That trust, based partly on transparency, improves the way a company is viewed by its stakeholders, resulting in an ENHANCED REPUTATION.

Environmentally, socially and ethically responsible businesses tend to have stronger governance, comply with the laws that apply to what they do, and are much less likely to find themselves embroiled in a damaging scandal. Consequently, they experience LESS RISK and that has lots of benefits when it comes to seeking investment, working with high-profile clients, and getting insurance.

All of which adds up to the same thing: if you’re achieving higher sales and bigger profits, with a more engaged and productive workforce, an enhanced reputation and less risk, then you’re also going to experience MORE GROWTH.

So, if you want to grow in 2017, then alongside your broader financial, operational, sales and marketing strategies, you also need to pursue complementary strategies that strengthen your sustainability and CSR performance too.

See, no waffle, just clear guidance.

Happy New Year.

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