Stakeholder engagement

Whether you’re improving your environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance, or applying for planning permission and environmental permits, or developing emergency plans, early and continuing dialogue with key stakeholders is essential.

Although we call it ‘stakeholder engagement’, to us, it’s really just about effective communication.
It’s about creating and maintaining an open dialogue. And it starts with a conversation.

This time, it’s personal

If you’re going to embark on efforts to cut energy use, which could necessitate changes to working practices, it’s better if your colleagues hear about that from you and not the energy and environmental consultants you’re working with.

If you’re going to build a new plant, or introduce a new industrial process to an area, it’s better if your neighbours hear the facts about it from you rather than from a campaign group opposed to your proposals.

You need to provide stakeholders with an honest appraisal of what your plans might mean to them, and seek their views about the social and environmental factors that matter to them most. Then you need to show that you’ve listened, and act accordingly.

Fostering good communications and goodwill

The best conversations allow all participants to join in and have their say, in an environment that is conducive to being heard.

We recognise that and so work hard to make sure we help our clients facilitate dialogue in a range of settings, from informal drop-in sessions and round table events through to mailers with response mechanisms and online meetings.

Key is making sure everyone that wants a voice gets one and that effective feedback is provided – we all know there’s nothing worse than being asked for your input, only to never find out if and how it was used.

Of course, there are times when stakeholder suggestions and requests can’t be implemented or satisfied, in which case it’s crucial to provide adequate and sensitive feedback about the reasons why. Whilst they may not like it, you’ll find that people appreciate being informed and that open and transparent communications breeds respect and goodwill.

At Remsol, we are able to provide a unique blend of underpinning technical knowledge with in- house communications expertise to deliver meaningful stakeholder engagement. This is especially helpful when combined with our environmental permitting service.

Clients use our stakeholder engagement services to:

  • develop and deliver stakeholder engagement strategies
  • facilitate improved dialogue, internally and externally
  • identify and resolve conflicts through effective communications

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