Seminars and workshops

Whether you’re looking to find out more about our unique maturity model and how it can work for you before committing, or you’ve had your report and are now looking to find out how to maximise the use of the model and its findings, we offer a range of informative seminars and workshops to help

If this if your first brush with the idea that sustainability and resilience together can improve your chances of growing, we totally understand that you might need some convincing before you take the plunge and sign up for your initial evaluation using our maturity model.

Likewise, we know that some businesses, after receiving their report, would prefer to close any identified gaps and capitalise on opportunities on their own, without our help, using our maturity model to continually benchmark progress.

So we’ve developed an introductory seminar and a series of six workshops designed to address these wants and needs.

Try before you buy with a seminar

We host regular breakfast seminars at which we explain how sustainability and resilience can directly impact business growth, using real examples that really resonate.

We then go on to explain how our unique maturity model works, and how it can be used to drive continual performance improvements.

These low-cost seminars typically run for two hours at a time. If you go on to book your initial review with us within a month of attending a seminar, we refund the seminar cost in full.

Beyond the maturity model

We regularly host events, ranging from informative conferences and seminars, to round table discussions, focus groups, informal networking and more, all aimed at helping people to better understand the growth opportunities that sustainable and resilient business approaches can deliver. Join us!

Work it out workshops

Once we’ve performed your initial evaluation, and supplied you with your bespoke report highlighting whether you are Beginning, Improving, Succeeding or Leading in the 30 separate areas of sustainability and resilience that we measure, you have three choices:

Firstly, you can choose to engage us on a project-specific or retained basis to work alongside you and deliver on any identified improvement recommendations, letting us guide you iteratively from where you start out to where you’d like to be.

Secondly, you can choose to implement the identified recommendations yourself, but where we evaluate your progress at agreed intervals using our unique maturity model to benchmark your successes.

Or, thirdly, you can choose to do it all yourself and even re-evaluate your progress using our model.

If you choose to go it alone, you’ll find that you’ll get more value from the process by attending our series of six linked workshops, where we teach you more about how the model functions, where to put your improvement emphasis and how to leverage your successes by creating positive stakeholder stories.

The workshops run as public courses, but we can also deliver them in-house if that is more convenient.

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