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Overcoming capacity constraints with a sustainability consultant

By 17th August 2017 Blog, CSR, Sustainability No Comments
Get help from a sustainability consultant to improve your chances of successful change

Get help from a sustainability consultant in order to quicken results when you’re short on capacity and in-house expertise

There are limits to how many projects or initiatives you can deliver at any one time. And there’s a good chance that you may lack not only the capacity to add sustainability improvements to the list, but also the capabilities.

If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to think about bringing in a sustainability consultant.

Take a look at this Matrix For Successful Change (you may have seen it before in another format) that shows what happens when just one of five key attributes are absent in any attempt to implement change Рwhich, of course, any initiative aimed at delivering improvement is all about. You can have all the ingredients you need, but if you lack the skills, you end-up fostering anxiety (in yourself and your colleagues). Likewise, take away the necessary resources, and everyone gets frustrated.

Now imagine what would happen if both the skills and resources weren’t there… that way lies failure.

A (good) sustainability consultant can bring both the skills you need and provide additional management resource to help you progress towards your goals.

As we pointed out in our last blog – ‘Pollinating businesses with great sustainability and CSR ideas‘ – like the bee that collects pollen from one flower to then deposit some of it on another, we collect knowledge from one client and share that with others. It speeds-up the process of delivering solutions and improvements, which can add-up to a considerable cost saving.

You can tell a good sustainability consultant from a bad one very easily: if they offer to provide you with appropriate advice and guidance, to pick-up the slack occasionally, help spur you and your colleagues on, and keep you on track, they’re good; if, on the other hand, they offer to do everything for you, they’re not. Why? Well, because for sustainability and CSR to work properly, they need to be culturally embedded and that means you have to take ownership of them.

You can’t outsource the creation of a culture.

But, if you want to get serious about sustainability and CSR, you can and should consider engaging a sustainability consultant to help bridge any gaps in your knowledge and provide a resource capacity boost.

If you’d like a hand, remember that [email protected]

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