Get paid for quality referrals

We’ll pay you £25 every time a company you send our way signs-up for our Sustainability and CSR Performance Review online

What could be easier than sharing details of our Sustainability and CSR Performance Review with your clients and contacts and encouraging them to sign-up online?

That’s really all you need to do as a member of our Affiliate Scheme.

How it works

Firstly, you need to register with us as a member of our Affiliate Scheme, and agree to our terms and conditions.

Then, once you’re registered with us, we’ll supply you with relevant marketing collateral and web links for you to share. Crucially, we’ll also give you a unique coupon code that your clients and contacts will need to enter during the checkout process when they buy our Sustainability and CSR Performance Review online – we then use this code to track the source of the lead and BINGO! you earn your £25 referral fee.

It’s that simple.

Who can join as an Affiliate?

To join as an Affiliate you must be a UK registered sole trader, partnership or limited company.

We think this scheme lends itself to accountancy practices in particular, because of the trusted relationship they enjoy with their clients and because our Sustainability and CSR Performance Review is a great way for accountants to help add even more value to their clients given that it’s focused on boosting growth. We think it will also appeal to firms of solicitors that will want to help their clients improve governance and avoid risk.

However, we’re happy to accept applications from all business sectors.

That’s not all…

As an Affiliate, you can also enjoy discounted access to all Remsol events and a 15% discount on your own Sustainability and CSR Performance Review.

How to join

In the first instance, simply complete the form below with your contact details. We’ll then send you your Affiliate Agreement and, once we’ve had this back and processed it, you’ll be admitted as a member and sent everything you need so you can start getting paid for quality referrals.

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