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Examples of CSR

By 10th April 2017 Blog, CSR One Comment
10 examples of CSR title

Download this free list containing 10 real examples of CSR.

To download it FOR FREE, just complete this form. We’ll then email you a link so you can download it as a PDF at your leisure.

We’ll send you 10 real examples of CSR that show it isn’t just about ‘corporate philanthropy’ and giving money to worthy causes, but about doing practical things that make a real difference to people’s lives, the environment and the very fabric of society. Better still, you’re probably already doing many of them without even realising that these constitute examples of CSR that you can legitimately share with potential customers when bidding for work.

One Comment

  • REALLY enjoyed the slides, informative, thought provoking yet simply presented in a format that meant it was easy to take in. Already shared the information with colleagues on the senior team, and added to the agenda for our next management meeting. Thank you.

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