Embedding CSR

Whether you’re looking to conduct business in a more responsible manner, or seeking to better integrate with the communities in which you operate, for Corporate Social Responsibility to work it has to be culturally embedded.

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR describes the efforts made by businesses to take responsibility for their impacts on the environment and society.
It is usually applied to efforts that go beyond minimum legal requirements or those demanded by pressure groups.
But it’s not just about what you do, it’s about how you do it.

It’s a cultural thing

CSR isn’t a destination, it’s a journey.

It’s less of an output, and more an outcome.

It’s about behaviours that drive actions, and that means that, ultimately, it’s about the culture of your business and its people.

Corporate Social Responsibility is definitely not about meaningless policies, ticking boxes and PR stunts.

Creating purpose and connecting people

We help businesses to understand and then embed the cultural practices that underpin good CSR by defining and expressing a purpose that’s about more than just making money.

We work with our clients to engage with colleagues and then connect them with communities and causes, enabling them to do business in a manner that means they also do good.

Because, ultimately, business can and should be a force for good – and companies that grasp that often outperform their rivals.

Clients use our CSR consultancy services to:

  • define and embed a purpose beyond profits
  • connect with communities and causes
  • make a difference whilst continuing to grow and thrive

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