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Counter-terror advice for business resilience

By 17th November 2015 Blog, Resilience No Comments
Armed police officers in London

In the wake of the recent deadly terror attacks in Paris, now is a good time for businesses to take stock of counter-terrorism guidance and share it with colleagues and customers.

With the UK threat level remaining high, and after the attacks on Paris on Friday 13th November 2015, it makes sense to consider the potential consequences of a terror attack near to or involving your business, and what you can do to be prepared.

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaTCSO) has produced sector-specific guidance, including for bars, restaurants, sporting venues and other ‘crowded places’, which can be accessed here.

More general counter-terror guidance for businesses can be accessed here.

And businesses should consider sharing this guidance with colleagues and co-workers so that they know what to do in the highly unlikely event that they’re ever caught up in a terror attack.

By remaining vigilant, sharing intelligence and being better prepared, businesses can help to defeat the threat of terrorist activity in the UK, but can also mitigate for the worst impacts should they be unfortunate enough to fall victim.

Be Vigilant and Report Suspicious Behaviour

Police act on information from the public who report suspicious behaviour.

“If you suspect it, report it” by contacting police directly or through the anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.

Vigilant behaviour by staff and the public can disrupt attack planning.

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