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#BlackFriday deals at Remsol

Actually, there are no deals. If you’re not already in the market to buy our services, we probably don’t want to work with you anyway! Besides, Black Friday just encourages profligate spending and waste.

Recent research released by the environmental charity Hubbub shows that people are increasingly concerned by the financial and environmental strain Black Friday places on the UK.

According to its findings, nearly two-thirds of people don’t enjoy taking part in Black Friday, while half just don’t like the whole idea.

Half of those aged under 35 reported that Black Friday encouraged them to buy things they don’t need, while 45 per cent said they had spent money they could not afford.

Worse still, seven out of 10 people reported buying things that they have never even used.

Aside from concerns about the impacts of spending beyond their personal means, half of survey respondents told Hubbub that they were worried about the environmental impact of their actions on Black Friday.

It would be very interesting to actually test the impacts on waste: do councils see a corresponding spike in household waste volumes? Do commercial waste contractors collect more packaging waste from the backs of all the out-of-town retail parks? And what about household ‘bring’ recycling sites – do they see an upswing as people clear out the old to make way for the new?

If you’re already looking to buy a new sofa or TV, then of course Black Friday potentially offers the opportunity to tap into big savings – otherwise it’s probably sensible to give it a miss.

If you do decide to hunt out a bargain, then the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has some SMART advice for you. It says consumers should:

Shortlist their intended purchases, ensuring that the product is fit for purpose;

Make a decision based on value for money and the product’s environmental impact;

Act according to their plan and don’t get carried away;

Register their purchase online when they get home so that any faults can be fixed; and, finally,

Trade-in or recycle their old appliances to avoid them going to landfill.

Be smart this Black Friday and sign up for our Sustainability and CSR Performance Review. There are no special discounts, but that’s because it offers great value all year round 🙂

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