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5 top tips on embedding sustainability into corporate culture


To truly make a difference, embedding sustainability into corporate culture is a must. Here are 5 top tips on how to do that.

1. Make sure sustainability and CSR feature in your sales, marketing, financial and operational strategies

There’s nothing wrong with having an over-arching sustainability strategy but you must make sure that elements of it are linked to the other strategies you employ in pursuit of your business goals.

Otherwise, it becomes a standalone ‘add on’ and its importance to the business will be questioned.

2. Link executive remuneration to the achievement of your sustainability and CSR objectives

Lead from the front. Make it clear to everyone that even the top brass have their pay and bonuses determined in accordance with whether or not sustainability and CSR objectives are met.

This way, everyone can see that you’re all in it together.

3. Build sustainability objectives into your annual staff appraisal system by agreeing individual targets with people

Make everybody’s role in sustainability clear by building individual targets into annual performance plans and appraisal systems.

It’s a way of empowering them but also making them responsible and accountable.

4. Ensure that job descriptions place specific sustainability and CSR duties on employees

Job descriptions are used to set individual performance expectations and minimum standards, and so are also a smart place to introduce and enshrine sustainability and CSR duties.

It’s a demonstration to every new and existing employee that your business takes sustainability and CSR seriously – and so must they.

5. Include it in your induction process

Every new starter, contractor and visitor should hear all about your sustainability and CSR commitments and the role they have in helping to deliver on your objectives.

Again, it’s a great way to set the scene but also make it clear that everyone shares responsibility for doing the right thing.

There are countless other ways you can go about embedding sustainability into corporate culture but these should get you started and are relatively easy to implement.

What have you done to start embedding sustainability into corporate culture? Tell us in the comments and share your experiences.

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